Executive Directors

Mr. Wang Zhixian was born in March 1965. He joined the Company in July 1992 and is the Executive Director and Deputy General Manager of the Company. He graduated from Tianjin University, Shanghai Jiaotong University with a Master of Science. He obtained a master degree of Business Administration from Peking University. Mr. Wang has extensive management experience in port and shipping industry. Prior to joining the Company, he worked in Hempel-Hai Hong Paint Company as sales manager. After joining the Company, he was the Deputy General Manager of Industrial Management Department, General Manager of Business Planning Department, and he was the Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Mawan Port Services Co., Ltd., the Chairman and CEO of Ningbo Daxie China Merchants International Terminal Co., Ltd. and the Managing Director of China Merchants Port Services (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Haixing Harbour Development Co., Ltd.. He was appointed to the Board of Directors as Executive Director on 18 February 2016.


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